Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training

This option is ideal for people who enjoy a team environment or who may be working with a limited budget. Our Semi-Private training consists of 1 hour sessions where one Trainer monitors up to a maximum of 3 individuals. Individuals will benefit from the support of one another while still having their own specific program. The guidance of the Trainer is shared between the 3 individuals over the course of the session.  For more information on deciding if you would like to work with a trainer, please visit the "Is Personal Training Right for Me?" article or learn more through a consultation here.

What to expect:

All programs will vary between individuals but a typical program may include the following:

  • Consultation & assessment
  • Individualized exercise & program design
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Baseline body composition & measurements
  • Adherence incentive program to keep you on track
  • Positive team environment

Session Lengths & Rates

We are promoting a consistent and supportive team atmosphere between individuals and the shared guidance of the Trainer. 


**Note:  Rates are subject to change.  Please contact us to verify current rates.

2-on-1 Personal Training 60 Minute Sessions
# of sess. Price/sess.
1 $100
5 $94
10 $90
20 $85
3-on-1 Personal Training 60 Minute Sessions
# of sess. Price/sess.
1 $120
5 $117
10 $114

To book a consultation or for more details and information on programs and how our pricing system works, please email us at