Personal Training


If you are considering personal training, you are likely about to undergo a lifestyle change in some shape or form.  Whether your reasons are for weight loss, strength, performance or general health and awareness, it’s generally an emotional, rewarding and long journey.  You’ll want to invest in the right trainer who is best suited for you.  But before that kind of a commitment, you have probably pondered the question below.

Is Personal Training Right For Me?

It’s commonly asked when starting a new fitness, weight-loss or performance enhancement program whether or not Personal Training is right for you.  It’s a proven fact that anyone can benefit from having their own trainer or coach in that virtually all elite athletes have or seek out trainers or coaches to help them improve.  If a highly experienced athlete can find value, surely anyone can.  The question isn’t if a Personal Trainer can help, but who will be the right trainer for you.

Do they understand my needs?  Do I understand them?  Can they explain why?

It’s important to find a trainer that can identify your needs, provide a plan of approach, explain how what you are doing applies to you and communicates in a manner that is comprehendible to you.  I’ve seen countless people working with trainers who have them doing various exercises without any rhyme or reason.  Just because you sweat doesn’t mean that what you are doing is right for you or has benefit.  Make sure your trainer can explain the proper reasoning for choosing the movements they’re asking you to perform.  While it’s important to have someone knowledgeable, you also need to have someone that you will mesh with and can present the information in a fashion that fits your learning style.  If you can’t see eye to eye, or can’t relate to the material being shared with you, the likelihood of absorbing the information you are receiving will be nil.

So who is right for me?

Ultimately that decision is completely up to you.  You probably know yourself and how you learn better than anyone else.  Choosing someone to assist in guiding you along the right pathway is best kept in your hands, but in my experience if you consider the factors mentioned above, you will select the appropriate coach for you.  Testing the waters with a consultation before committing fully is a great idea.  Learn more about Personal Training/Nutrition Consultations here.

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