Assessments are a crucial component in determining the appropriate wellness plan for you. They reveal key factors about your physical structure and provide a baseline of your overall health status. The information acquired from your assessment allows us to tailor a program or treatment plan specifically to your needs and goals, crafting the safest and most efficient pathway toward your success. A thorough assessment is the most important element in the creation of a program or treatment plan and should never be overlooked.

What’s involved?

No two bodies are exactly alike, and so assessments will vary from person to person depending on your health history and reason for inquiring about our services. An assessment may include the following components:

Client health history and interview – A series of questionnaires and conversation with you paints an initial picture and direction for us to start in, revealing any precautions that may need to be addressed.

Vital signs – Resting heart rate, resting breathing rate and blood pressure gives us benchmark measurements to work with.

Postural assessment and gait – An overall look at how you carry yourself can indicate possible imbalances, underlying issues and their overall effects.

Range of motion assessment – Allows us to narrow down possible structures that may be involved with a particular complaint.

Functional testing – Shows us current movement patterns and how any imbalances or injuries might be affecting or contributing to a complaint or movement.

Special orthopedic tests – Can assist in confirming or denying possible findings.

Body composition – Weight, height, girth measurements, body fat percentage and initial images. If weight loss, weight gain or performance enhancement are part of your needs or goals, body composition monitoring may be included in your plan.

Performance testing – select lifts are performed at/or near maximum levels to determine your current strength or performance.

These are just some of the procedures that might be involved in an assessment. Your unique situation will determine the processes that are selected.

Assessments are offered as stand-alone appointments or can be included in a tailored package.

*In the event of a cancelation or rescheduling, we require at least 24 hours of notice prior to your appointment time. Any cancelations or rescheduling requests made after 24 hours in advance will be charged to you in full.


60 min. stand-alone assessment - $95 (Taxes Included)

90 min. stand-alone assessment - $130 (Taxes Included)

Please contact us with any inquires or to book your consultation and assessment now!