Online Coaching

We offer live virtual training sessions through the Zoom app. This is a part of our 1-on-1 Personal Training service which differs from our online coaching services. If this is what you are interested in, please contact us here with your inquiry and let us know how we can help.

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The world of fitness has become densely populated with “experts,” and various training methods that boast “the best results.”  The options are plentiful but who’s actually got the best system?  The truth is, there isn’t one single best system.  Many approaches work, but what works best for you?

It’s more about finding a professional that you click with who can provide quality guidance to help navigate your specific needs.

For over a decade I have assisted people from general populations to professional athletes in reaching their fitness and movement goals.  Additional years of manual (hands on) therapy have also given me the opportunity to not just see the intricacies of movement patterns but feel the way that soft tissue communicates and functions.  This combination provides a holistic view of each person and a unique perspective on individual needs when filtering through the distortion.  This is my passion; my spare time is usually spent with family or learning more about my craft.

Why am I online training?  If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are searching for a more time efficient or cost-effective way to get the help of a professional that fits your schedule not theirs, otherwise you would have already sought out an in person coach.  The truth is that I’m just like you and would rather spend more quality time with my family and learning instead of adhering to other people’s schedules or commuting through traffic and burning precious time.

Is online coaching right for you?

Maybe.  You must be in a place where you are certain that you can carve out the time needed to achieve the results that you seek.  Plans can be tailored to your schedule, but your schedule will need to prioritize your health.  The typical time investment generally ranges from 3-6 hours a week.

Are you willing to commit a minimum of 3 months’ time to a program?

I don’t provide quick fix fad protocols that end up leaving people with more harm done than good.  It absolutely breaks my heart when I see people fall victim to those sorts of false practices.  3 months is my absolute minimum commitment and that is generously low.  Most commitments end up being between 8-18 months in length.  Real changes take time.  The body is a complex unit.  There are no short cuts.  You can’t tinker with one area and not affect another; everything needs to work together and that takes time.

Financial stability is important for a few reasons.

If you are concerned about money, that will be your priority, not your health.  Your time management will revolve around your financial needs and while good intended, your attempts to achieve your health goals with be haphazard and a recipe for failure.  This is not the time for you to seek out a coach.  Save your money, use it where you need it and come back when you can.  I offer a lot of free information through my Instagram, YouTube and Blog that often includes workouts, exercise and nutrition tips. I encourage you to explore this information. I do not wish to take money from people that can’t afford it or utilize high pressure sales tactics. This needs to be a choice that you make comfortably and consciously.  My rates are discussed only after your application submission.

Why do you have an application?

We need to click.  This doesn’t work for either party unless we appreciate one another as a people.  I want to provide the best service I can, and that means that I am investing in you as a person, the same as you are investing in me.  If we don’t connect, this significantly reduces the chance of success.  I’d prefer that you find someone else that you truly sync with so that you can experience the success that you deserve.

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Once you apply, I will be in touch with you.  If it sounds like we might be a good fit, we’ll start with collecting some background information such as health history, what you might have tried in the past and your current goals and lifestyle.  From there we will craft a program to fit your needs.

What’s included in the online coaching service?

The base services package includes the following:

  • Custom workout program design & updates as necessary
  • Initial assessment and movement screens via video submission
  • Video analysis of programmed movements
  • Weekly email/messaging check-ins & support
  • Nutrition/habit coaching
  • Everything is loaded, tracked and monitored through an app.

Additional services that can be purchased as necessary:

  • Virtual meeting sessions
  • Phone call support
  • Intensive nutrition coaching & initial assessment
  • Customized exercise video tutorials
  • Movement Screen assessments & reassessments

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