MPS (Dolphin) Pain Management therapy

MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation)

What is it?

MPS pain and scar tissue therapy is a form of treatment based on the principles of acupuncture and neurology that utilizes direct current (DC) microcurrent stimulation.  It is safe and Health Canada FDA approved.

Why Microcurrent?

The human body’s nervous system and all cellular activity run on a microcurrent impulse.  Microcurrent is a low voltage pulsed stimulation applied in the range of 50-800μA (less than I milliamp (ma) which is not sufficient enough to excite motor nerves or cause muscle contractions, but is sufficient enough to regulate the ANS (autonomic nervous system).

How does it work?

The two key branches of the ANS are the PNS (parasympathetic) which provides our rest and healing state, and the SNS (sympathetic) which triggers our fight or flight stress state.

Pain, whether it be from trauma or emotional stresses causes an upregulation of the SNS.  This effects heart rate variability and decreases healing vagal tone.  While it is fantastic for short term survival situations and sport when you need that adrenaline boost, having it elevated for a prolonged period of time results in chronic pain and disease.  Restoring balance to the ANS by down-regulating the SNS has been shown to help manage chronic pain and improve functionality.

It’s a proven fact that electro-current stimulation of 1 milliamp (ma) or greater causes upregulation of the SNS.  Your standard TENS machine would fall into this category.  Below 1 (ma) of DC (direct current) stimulation actually down-regulates the SNS activating the PNS.  The systematic application of microcurrent is a drug free way to regulate the ANS reducing stress allowing for restoration and a reduction in pain.


The negative influence of scars on the body includes fascial restrictions, blood and energy flow stagnation, female hormone suppression, internal and external adhesions and upregulation of the SNS which all lead to chronic pain throughout the body.

MPS Scar Release Therapy (SRT) targets direct cellular stimulation of microcurrent waves through the scars reducing dermal trauma, adhesions and restrictions of the fascia.  It’s a simple non-invasive procedure that’s been documented to reduce pain symptoms up to 73.2% after a single application.  Changes in the color and pliability of the scars are also visibly noticed.

MPS treatments can be incorporated into any of our other manual therapy appointments.

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