8 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

By Gavin Buehler

Some of the reasons and benefits that you might want to consider when making the decision of whether or not to invest in Personal Training could include the following:

  1. Accountability – This is the number one reason why people hire trainers in the first place. Having someone hold you accountable to your commitments will exponentially improve the probability of success.  Once you have an appointment, it’s a lot harder to be dissuaded or side tracked.  Besides, if you miss an appointment with your trainer, you know there will be consequences.
  1. Motivation – It can be difficult to maintain a level of motivation that will lead you to your goals. Having someone to challenge, support and remind you of why you’ve chosen this path can keep you from deviating.
  1. Injury Prevention – It’s easy to injure yourself when getting into an exercise regimen. Whether you are new or experienced you are prone to injury.  An experienced trainer can minimize the risk of injury through analysis of your movement patterns, creating awareness of imbalances and proper exercise prescription and instruction.
  1. Education – The Health and Fitness industry is full of “experts” and noise. Finding information that is actually valid can be a difficult task.  A qualified guide can bring clarity to that confusion and provide a wealth of knowledge that you can carry with you for a lifetime.  You only have one body, it’s important to learn how to maintain and care for it so that it will perform optimally for you throughout your life.
  1. Performance Enhancement – If you’re competitive, there’s no question that you can benefit from a professional who will safely test your limits and help you break through to the next level. Just about every top athlete either has, or consults with a strength coach for good reason.  They can identify your limiting factors and show you how to fix them.
  1. Specific Conditions or Needs – You may have a condition that requires close monitoring during physical activity or perhaps you’ve got a new bundle of joy on the way with a pregnancy. Certain trainers are certified with a focus on such situations and can teach you safe methods and protocols so that you’re able to still be active and healthy.
  1. Objective Eyes – Sometimes we’re just not as aware of ourselves as we think. With exercise this can unfortunately lead to injury.  Having an expert study your movement and make fine tune adjustments can help you avoid a nasty setback.  It will also allow you to maximize the effectiveness of each movement so that you are working more efficiently and smarter.  This can streamline workouts and give you more bang for your buck!
  1. Variety – It’s easy to get stuck doing the same old routine. This can also lead to repetitive strain injuries and/or a lack of results and plateauing.  A trainer knows when and how to modify or change programs to maximize your results while giving you variety to keep you engaged.

We offer a variety of personal training services including online training, virtual live training and in-person sessions.  Please contact us here to inquire or to learn more by visiting our Personal Training/Nutrition Consultation here.

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